Embedding QR Technology Onto Our Product

The Ambient Project Team felt it necessary to give our product a technological spin with the introduction QR Codes within our book. These visual codes found in specific sections of our book allows readers to scan with their mobile devices and enhance the experience for the reader directing them to hidden sections of our website.

Making our product unique and special with the introduction of QR codes allowed the interaction of our strong environmental messages interesting and innovative. Technology now forms part of everyday life with the younger generation, the audience of our product. The Ambient Project Book is directed to this younger generation and we quickly realised that we had to take that extra step to live up to the expectations of children nowadays. With this in mind, the QR codes addition to our product was born allowing children to interact with storyline and messaging in a way that made it more engaging.

Our QR codes are strategically placed in our book giving the reader further interesting facts and information about the animal being referenced in the section.

When creating our product, we wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy our book, including those with hearing difficulties and visual difficulties, so we wanted to incorporate different qualities embedded in both our website and our book to suit these additional needs. The QR Codes include videos enhancing the discussion on that section of the book showing further facts located in the hidden sections of our website allowing those visually or hearing impaired interact with our product.

In addition, our IT Director Emma also recorded and added dictation to these videos to suit those visually impaired, reading out the key messaging on this section of our incorporating a far wider reach for those having difficulties in reading. These additional features also help those with learning difficulties such as autism, as some children suffer from hydro-sensitive or hypo-sensitive senses.

All in all a product that is printed on recycled paper, has strong environmental messaging and unique technological sections that promises to educate and promote change for the betterment of our environment to our younger generation.

The last generation that can make a change for the world future !