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Vaquita Dolphin

I’m flying over the Californian Gulf, and just spotted a Vaquita dolphin. This is amazing! There are only around thirty left in our world, and I’m going to be lucky enough to meet one! I can’t swim, but there’s a little boat floating on the side that I can get in. Let’s go!

“Why, hello there! I’m Venus, pleased to meet you little Bee”, squealed the Vaquita. I sat on the side of the boat and spoke to her about my mission. Venus is on a mission of her own - to escape the fishermen who use gillnets. Unfortunately, much of her family have been trapped in them and died.

“A gillnet is almost a cage, Betty. It is made to catch small fish, but many of the times, it leads to catching other fishes and Vaquitas like me, or turtles and many more, get tangled and drown. I’m so frightened that this will happen to me, I love swimming by the harbour and hearing the children laugh”, she smiled at the thought.

Venus and I spoke the whole night, she told me how Vaquita means ‘little cow’ in Spanish. I told her some fun facts about me too. Did you know that about one third of the food humans eat is the result of honeybee pollination? This is why I need to find the last meadow of flowers. To not only save the Bees, but you humans too.

“I wish you all the best Betty, and continue making honey to feed those wonderful humans! I will carry on taking any pollution I see in the ocean towards the harbour for them to throw away! Bye, Betty”, Smiled Venus as we waved.

I headed towards the sky and carried on flying.

Cameron Walker was the winner of our contest to select a name for our Dolphin.

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