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Galapagos Penguin

I fly over South America in hopes of finding some flowers, but instead I see people building where forests used to be. I see nothing but skyscrapers and so many people – not one flower. I see a small island by Ecuador, I’ll go rest there before my journey to North America.

I fly down onto a rock, next to a lone penguin.
“Hi, I’m Betty the bee. Are you okay?” I ask. She looks up at me and pouts. “My family went to get food a few days ago and haven’t returned. The ocean has been getting warmer because of climate change, so they went to look for cold water where we can catch fish”, she sulked.

I can see an oil spill in the ocean. Griffin tells me that if they get too much oil on their skin, it will stop their skin from being waterproof and make them more sensitive to the cold. If they swallow the oil, it damages their organs. Life is getting so hard for us animals.

“These are my aunties eggs, she laid them only 2 days ago”, smiled Griffin for the first time. “Lately, it’s been harder to find places to nest because many caves have either been flooded or taken by iguanas. Luckily, we found this one to keep my cousins safe until they hatch!”.

I just said my goodbyes to Griffin, I have to set off soon! One way humans could help Griffin is by reducing the amount of waste you make and using less plastic and turning lights off when you’re not using them. This will help decrease Global Warming!

Sarah Pereira was the winner of our contest to select a name for our Penguin.

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