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About Our Product

Educating About Our Environment

As a group we firmly believe that educating children about the risks and dangers posed to our earth by climate change and the devastation of natural habitats is key to our continuing survival. We felt our passion should be shared with Gibraltar (initially) and so, we have decided to create a book, aimed at educating children aged 6 - 10 on these issues.

Our Book

Learning is fun

Our mission is to educate the younger generation about our environment and create a future for all to enjoy.

Our book follows the story of Betty the Bee as she travels around the world trying to find the last meadow of flowers to pollinate.

On her journey, she meets a number of animals such as 'Luke the Loggerhead Turtle' and 'Benji the Black Rhino.'

Through meeting them, she discovers that their habitats are being devastated, or that they are being hunted to extinction and that they are endangered and need help. She finds out ways that humans can change their lifestyle in order to help save these animals, and also to help save the world as a whole.
As some types of bees have been declared endangered, and many others are experiencing a dramatic and alarming decline in numbers, we feel it is vital to educate our future generation on this topic.

Without these incredible pollinators, we would have no food. Through our book, we hope to inspire people to make those lifestyle choices that will make a difference, even in a small city such as Gibraltar - when many people take some action together, even the most difficult of challenges become achievable.